Why Newood Design

Precision Craftsmanship

We have built a solid reputation of quality and precision that our clients rely on.

Our experienced team manages the design of all custom fabrications and are skilled in build installations that require special handling and housing for technology, equipment, and automation mechanisms.

These designs are carefully calculated and visualised in technical drawings and finally, transformed into show-stopping masterpieces.

Tech-Integrated Concepts

Our pioneering concepts incorporates latest technology in smart automation, contactless features, artificial intelligence, IoT solutions, mood lighting, sound and ergonomics to deliver one-of-a-kind experiences.

Our project management approach incorporates technical consultation and design; followed by fabrication and build installation; and finally, after-sales support to cater to your operational needs.

Innovative Space Design

We have built our niche in commercial interior design, work space relocation, and MICE concepts and build since 2005.

As a specialist in tech-integrated space design, we have carved a niche in customising builds for multimedia touchpoints, interactive solutions, precise engineering and smart automation that captivate audiences in retail, roadshows, conferences, exhibitions, and events spaces.