Well-groomed retail space integrates automation from the start. Technology is seamlessly incorporated into design elements for maximum effectiveness.

Newood Design takes a holistic approach centered on the belief that the components of an object are intimately interconnected, and experience is only understood in relation to the whole structure. For smart integrated spaces, this means that everything is connected for a complete, controlled experience that is tailored to your desired retail experience.

F&B spaces

Newood Design works with your builders, architects, and interior designers to create automation solutions that elevates the dining experience. Set the scene for an exclusive soiree before your customers arrive at the door. 

From the initial design to installation, upgrades, retrofit and refit installations, we put forward-thinking technology into every element of a perfect dining experience.



The entrance and atmosphere in the gym have a significant impact on customers’ psychological well-being.  We kept these environmental factors in mind when we designed and built a space to boost the business’ appeal and improve visitors’ experience. 

– Pinru (Designer)